Graphics Animation & Multimedia Lab (GAML)

The main objective of the Quality Improvement Fund is to provide support to improve the quality of Palestinian tertiary institutions and programs in order that they are relevant to the job market and economic development of Palestine; made competitive with international standards and capable of developing income-generating programs. Although administered separately, the primary purpose of the QIF fund is to improve quality and relevance in tertiary education and is therefore closely linked to the national accreditation process and the institutional self-evaluation initiative.

Wajdi University College of Technology offers wide range of courses in the bachelor degree in computer and information technology, Business Informatics, and Graphic design. WUCT also works in well designed funded projects that help to empower the students and make them adapt easily with the globalization and work force market whether it was locally or internationally targeted.

The GAML project overall objective is to reduce the gap between market demand and 3D animation and multimedia suppliers by creating professional people in the field and help them to start-up their own businesses. Furthermore, to develop, upgrade and empower students to become productive, professional and capable of achieving their goals and aspirations and to contribute to economic and social change in relevant sectors. Thus, having work place and market readiness oriented graduates by partnering with the private sector in which the private sector will provide the professional trainers, coaches and evaluators to prepare the students into the real world transition.

The GAML project outcomes can be listed as of the following:

  • Creative talent and state of the art pipeline designer.
  • Increase the number of animation and multimedia projects developed.
  • Increase the number of animation and multimedia projects requested from the market / industry.
  • Managing designers’ profiles and their application portfolio online to increase their probability for employment or freelance hire.

WUCT study tour team meeting with the Graphics design department in the Applied Science University in Jordan


Head of Graphics Design department at Applied Science University in Jordan explaining to WUCT study tour team the software and hardware computer labs they are using. 


WUCT study tour team watching the animation projects of Trixel studio’s students.



WUCT study tour team visiting “Progressive Generation Studios” one of the major players in the private sector industry in Jordan.


The Animation Instructor at SAE- Amman “One of the International specialized institution in Animation” explaining to WUCT study tour team the intensive courses and labs they have.

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