Dean's Message

Since its inception in 2004, Wajdi University College of Technology (WUCT), being accredited certified by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Palestine, has taken concrete steps in its march towards achieving its goals and strategic plans, and has managed to achieve community and local recognition. The college worked hard to enhance its role in the Palestinian community and achieve sustainable human development and building a knowledge society and keep pace with the technological development especially in the field of Information Technology. At start, WUCT began with a four year Bachelor of Science program in Information and Computer Technology (CIT) focusing on teaching, educating, and providing students with hands on experience with the latest technologies. In 2011, and based on market need study, the college successfully received accreditation for its Bachelor of Art 4-year program in Business Informatics (BICs). This newly developed program aimed at providing business administration students with solid IT foundation. The BICs program qualifies students for today’s jobs whether in the financial sector, education, public sector, or any private establishment. Besides the two 4-year programs (CIT, and BICs) , the college took an initiative to become a focal local place for those seeking skills in graphic design and 2D/3D animation through enrolment in the 1-year professional diploma in Graphic Design. Students here get the chance to experience these technologies using state of the art equipments (Workstations, iMACs, interactive tablets) and fully licensed software packages (Adobe CS6 suite, Maya, Toon-Boom…). Besides the academic programs, WUCT has put tremendous effort in bringing technology into the learning methodology at schools within the Jerusalem district. These include the introduction of education robotics for third and fourth grades as well as for middle grades. Student manage to build and programs their own robots then participate as a school team against other schools teams in a fair and fun competition that WUCT hosts every year in May. Besides robotics, WUCT reaches to teachers and elders to teach them basic IT skills such as word processing, and the use of the internet for various purposes especially in communication.

  Prior to graduation, students are provided with the opportunity to receive field practical training and the chance for long term employment within local industries. The WUCT graduates have proven scientific merit and distinctiveness in all the local scientific and industrial sectors. Other graduates seek graduate level education within local, regional and international universities.

 WUCT is working hard to be an active partner in efforts to enhance the quality of higher education and is working to provide an environment and a climate of freedom of creativity and excellence and leadership through the implementation of plans and distinct approaches cope with international standards and standards of education and the requirements under the supervision and preparation of an elite group of faculty. 

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