Vision & Mission


WUCT aims at being a pioneer at the local and international levels, in preparing leaders of the future in the fields of computer science, information technology, education, management, communications, and humanities, and to deploy those assets into relevant fields, thus ensuring for the students quality of his education and professional development. 



Wajdi University College of Technology (WUCT) seeks to develop high quality academic programs as well as continuing education courses that are relevant to society needs and are committed to excellence. The college unique approach balances theoretical knowledge with practical experience and applied research in a multidisciplinary setting. WUCT is dedicated to providing its students with a quality education that combines thorough academic study and the opportunity of discovery with the support and intellectual stimulation of an inspiring campus community.  WUCT would contribute to the rising of the computer and information technology sector through the creation of innovative teaching and learning environment, and through providing services to the community.

About WUCT