Fact Sheet

Wajdi University College of Technology (WUCT) was founded in 2004 in the heart of Jerusalem. WUCT is accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoHE). Since its foundation, WUCT has followed the educational principle that students should be educated through a carefully and systematically designed curriculum which is broad enough to adapt to the changing world. At the same time it allows students the opportunity for hands on experience within their field of specialization.


Academic Programs: The college currently offers the following accredited academic programs:

  1. Four-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer and Information Technology (CIT).
  2. Four-year Bachelor of Art (BA) in Business Informationcs (BICs)
  3. One-year Professional Diploma in Graphic Design and Animation (GDA) 


Projects and Continuing Education Center (PCEC): The College has established its PCEC in order to serve the society, and to upgrade the technical sides in the different segments of the society. The center conducts various types of technical training. The center has introduced technology in the classroom in schools within the city of Jerusalem through the use of educational robots


Multimedia and Animation Studio (MAS): Wajdi MAS is a business unit responsible for providing professional training on graphic design, printing techniques, and animation (2D and 3D). It is also serving as a business unit for the development of industry projects in graphic design and animation.


The college has also taken initiatives towards:


Learning Resources: The College is equipped with various supporting resources such as libraries, Multimedia Lab, Network Lab, Research Lab, Physics and Electronics Lab.



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